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We specialize for websites development, design, effectiveness and targeting analysis, Internet and intranet applications development, propagation, consulting, advertising, SEO - search engine optimization, hardware, software ...). We are a team and each of us is a specialist in his branch - someone in design, the other one in development, promotion or search engine optimization. We have 17 years' experience with small and large commercial and non-commercial projects. We create personal, business and artistic websites, analyze the effectiveness of webs, we are promoting ... We create the perfect reality based on your own dreams and ideas... Let us help you with websites or web applications development, whether with full implementation or modification, redesign, optimization.

Quality webs are timeless, durable, they have many satisfied clients and often even something extra that other competing webs lack and moreover, at affordable prices. Low price of our webs is certainly not at the expense of quality, because even high-quality and highly-developed webs can be created for low prices. Considering future profits, which are much higher than the initial deposit, it really worth to invest in quality web presentation.

We like working for those who understand that presentation on the Internet is very important in today's competitive environment. Therefore we provide our clients with high quality and professional work, which will be perfectly effective and your websites or applications get many fans, clients, visitors and higher visibility and profits.

Why choosing us?

  • We respond to your requests much faster than other companies and we are not limited to working hours.
  • We offer more than a professional design, we create a representative, intelligent, meaningful and targeted webs.
  • We are cheaper. All investments are directed only to process your order. You pay real service (no rentals, no percentages traders ...).
  • We create quality and professional websites that are effective and have a future.
  • We make developments in accordance with latest standards and technologies.
  • We are reliable, and we provide our clients with quality, professional and efficient work.
  • We like challenges and “unsolvable” problems.
  • We search for the best solutions for you.
  • We communicate. We provide you with clear and thorough explanations of everything we can do in such conditions (eg. according to the budget). We help you to minimize your costs.

The examples of technologies:
(X)HTML, HTML 5, CSS, XML, PHP, Jquery, JavaScript, MySQL, MS SQL, Apache, CMS Drupal, WordPress and others

Example of Workflow

  1. Tentative specification of your requirements, wishes ... Write us e-mail, or use other communication channels - Contact.

  2. Our analysis and proposal solutions (explanations, ideas – the best and effective way, how to achieve your requirements). Quotation, resp. binding free graphic design.

  3. Your decision about our services. Mutual price, terms and form of payment agreement.

  4. The development, solutions, mutual communication, editing, requirements finishing, invoicing ...

  5. Our work does not stop when submitting orders. We provide you with complete support, we will take care of maintenance, upgrades, technological development, graphic development, counseling, promotion ...

Project Management System

Project Management System is used for both activity and time management. This system includes overview of all done work, editing, deadlines. Our clients can also use this list and actively participate in reporting problems to the system.
For communication with the client, we use all available communication channels - email, Skype, ICQ, Jabber, Live Messenger, telephone.


Websites are generated by modern methods in current standards for XHTML, CSS, PHP programming language. The websites are made of valid code and optimized for display on a number of browsers that users use: Internet Explorer 7, 8, 9, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome ...
firefoxinternet explorergoogle chromeoperasafari

Websites can be developed and optimized for viewing on mobile phones and PDAs.
We matter not only design, but also functionality or user-friendly features, we are doing a good job in all aspects.

We offer consulting in the website name, domain registration, site location on our web hosting ...
We promote your site on the Internet (PPC advertising, Facebook, Twitter), we offer website content creation (copywriting) ...

Managing of computers, servers, networks and software

Linux, Windows Server, configuration, firewall, workstations, consulting in buying or selling computers, servers, hardware, software, accessories.


Area of business: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Europe, USA
Residence: Prague
Maps of actual places of activity: Mapa - příklady míst našich aktivit a klientů:

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