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Why to choose our e-shops?
There are many kinds of e-shops on the market. On one hand, there are cheap box-made e-shops, which focus primarily on quantity, but they are not flexible and cannot adapt to the needs of clients and the investment into e-shops like that is basically useless and never comes back. On the other hand, our bespoke e-shops adapt to your needs. They are modern, graphically uniquely processed and able to attract the attention of customers with a user-friendly control, responsive design for viewing on mobile devices and added features in accordance with your requirements and also added features according to our experiences, that add value to e-shop for getting buyers. Next advantage of tailored e-shops is better SEO (search engine optimization), detailed statistics of visits, fast and nonstop technical support and other services that box-made e-shops don´t offer. Contact us and we will provide you with consulting on the creation of e-shop tailored to your needs, so you can effectively, quickly and easily sell products on the Internet.

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Our services:
  • E-shops tailored to your needs, SEO ready

  • Web application development (e.g. creation of PDF invoices, data collection, management, photo gallery)

  • Development of websites and applications for facebook, facebook application development, linking websites with social networks...

  • Implementation of SMS gateway on the web, e-shop, sending information via SMS, user registration verification through SMS

  • Premium SMS implementation (e.g., competition websites, SMS voting, charging for registration (entrance) to the section, consulting and distribution pricing information by SMS)

  • GP WebPay (Pay Muzo) payment gateway implementation - payment by credit card
    GP WebPay, PayMuzo

  • Implementation of payment via eKonto - Raiffeisenbank

  • Implementation of PaySec payment

  • Implementation of PayU payment

  • Image processing from webcamera - object protection

  • Google Analytics E-commerce Tracking

  • Database applications development (extranet, intranet)

  • Web modules

  • Editorial systems

and other services according to your requirements

PHP, MySQL, MSSQL, XML, PDFlib, ADODB, Jquery, JavaScript, WYSIWYG, WebServices, Pay Muzo, PayU, GoPay, payment via eKonto

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