Prices are determined on the basis of individual agreements. Filling the form placed below helps us to know your needs and requirements. After sending it, you will receive a price offer. You can also contact us via email:
In the case of website development, we can create a graphic design for free first and then you make a decision, whether you want to hire us.

Orientational prices

Website design
from 80 EUR (100 USD)

Complete website development (including design, coding)
from 200 EUR (250 USD)

E-shop – disposable payment for the development and implementation
from 320 EUR (400 USD)

Monthly fee for the development and management
from 40 EUR (50 USD)

from 12 EUR/year (15 USD/year)

The hourly rate for work (administration, updates, website maintenance, consulting, SEO ...)
from 10 EUR/h (13 USD/h)

SEO analysis and search engine optimization
from 80 EUR (100 USD)

Effective web advertising campaign of large-scale (analysis, SEO, PPC ...)
from 320 EUR (400 USD)

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